Friday, December 28, 2012

It's Coming!

The much anticipated DVD on bra fitting, Bras 101: Basic Fitting is on its way! Pictured below is my awesome production crew headed up by Mark Royce of Mill Road Productions, who did such an outstanding job with my first DVD that we came back for more. Filming is now complete and it's headed to editing and production. Stay tuned for the official release date sometime in late February or early March! I can't wait to share the basics of bra fitting to help you all get started on your journey to a comfortable, beautiful bra!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Party!

I grew up in a fabric store. Literally. Almost everyday of my entire childhood that I wasn't in school was spent at the fabric store that my mom and grandma owned. And trust me, that definitely had its perks! One of my favorite parts of being at the store was sewing with other women.

So, when I moved 1,500 miles away to California, where the only person I knew was my husband, I simply stopped sewing. For almost 5 years, the only time I would sew was when I went back to Kansas for a visit. My poor machines sat sadly in a closet.

That is, until the American Sewing Guild started a chapter here. Of course, I had previously been invited to go to a quilt guild meeting by a fellow school teacher. "But I don't quilt!" I cried. I thought my lingerie skills would be a little bit out of place. But I met a fantastic group of women at the ASG meetings and they kindly took me in and the rest, as they say, is history.

We just had our 3rd annual Christmas sewing get together at what is affectionately known as the quilting palace (more on that another day!). Sandy always has a fun project planned but I have been so busy preparing to shoot the next DVD that I simply had to spend the day sewing bras.

So the girls did what all good sewing buddies would do - they completed the projects for me! The picture is of the two projects. On the left is a Mad Hatter pin cushion, which Sandy made,  and on the right is a chatelaine that is custom designed to hold my favorite sewing gadgets. It has a place for my purple marker, 14-in-1 tool, folding seam ripper, and scissors. Cindy contributed the tape measure fabric and helped created the best part - a custom made bra-shaped pin cushion. So cool!

I was so grateful for their gifts, but even more grateful to be able to spend time sewing with friends. Sewing together with other women certainly is a blessing and Christmas would never be complete without sewing together!