Tuesday, January 29, 2013


It's finally here! Check out our newly remodeled store. Easier browsing, updateable accounts, and of course great products.

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

*THAT* Mom

I swore I wouldn't. I really tried not to. But I just can't help myself... I didn't want to be the mom that does elaborate birthday parties and all kinds of other sickeningly creative things. But then it hit me. My baby isn't a baby anymore. He's entering toddlerhood. And we have survived the first year of parenthood. And that is serious reason to celebrate. So my first thought is to have a small get together. Low key. Date? Time? Location? Since I went into labor during the Super Bowl last year, wouldn't it be fun to do it then. And then it all starts to snowball. What started as a small event has grown into a big 1st birthday bash, complete with cute invite and piñata. I love it when the creative juices start flowing and despite being super busy with all kinds of other stuff, I'm taking the time to be *THAT* mom. And what I really realized is that it's not about impressing anyone else or doing some cute thing for the world to see. It's really about this little man that has stolen my heart. This little man that I would do anything for, and it gives me immense joy to use my creativity and energy for him. So we are going to have a fantastic birthday party. And I'm going to enjoy every minute of being *HIS* mom!