Sunday, August 4, 2013

The best laid plans...

often get completely thrown out when life throws you a curve ball. It's been one of those seasons. I have been needing a break from the public school classroom and my middle school darlings lately (imagine, needing a break from 13 year olds!). Anyway, I thought that break would come by diving into teaching sewing (bras and more), publishing patterns, and doing custom sewing. However, apparently life has another plan. I was offered and accepted a new leadership position at my school. It's an unbelievable opportunity that I simply can't pass up to help individual students and families, work on curriculum, and help the science department.

That DOES NOT mean that I'm done with this sewing gig! :) 

It does mean that I will have less time to travel for workshops and conferences. I will still have all the supplies available on my website and I'm still available to answer any questions (just maybe not quite as timely as I'd like :-/). If you were hoping to catch a class soon I encourage you to check out Bras 101 and Bras 102 - these DVDs are both basic bra classes that you can watch in your own home as many times as you like. Sign up for the newsletter to receive the latest specials and tips. Join the yahoo group "bravobellabras" to join a great bra making community to share successes and questions. In other words, we all need and deserve well-fitting bras and it's more fun to learn together! 

As for me, I look forward to seeing what adventures this new path holds while continuing to work together with everyone on bras and more...

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