Thursday, November 6, 2014

An Average Halloween

I'm a professional seamstress.

Shucks, I even used to work as a costumer for theater productions. Aslan and centaurs, the knights of the round table, even the sharks and jets...

Maybe that's why I place such high expectations on myself for Halloween. I have the ability to make just about any cool, creative, crazy costume I could dream up. And now that I have kids, I feel even more of a burden to do something awesome.

But just because I can doesn't mean that I should. I have come to realize very clearly lately that my most valuable resource is time. There is so precious little of it and it seems to be constantly consumed by so many things. I ask myself every single day how I can best spend this irreplaceable resource.

And, sorry awesome Halloween costume that I saw on Pinterest, you didn't make it into my time budget.

This year, we made memories instead of costumes.  We painted, got our hands all gooey with pumpkin guts, roasted seeds, made rice krispie treat pumpkins... My oldest asks every day for "pumpkin Friday" and I still chuckle at the expression on the babies face when he touched pumpkin for the first time.

We went super simple this year - the boys wore their jerseys, the baby got a store-bought onsie to be a football, and this mom bought a referee jersey (which will likely come in quite handy in the future!). Little Ben was just as excited about putting black makeup under his eyes as he would have been to be a fully functioning Transformer. All the parties and events were just as fun and everyone loved our family theme.

Like most moms, I tend to have very high expectations of myself. As a recovering perfectionist, its difficult to let those go.  But this Halloween I just let myself be mediocre and gained some invaluable memories with my family. Average really can exceed all expectations!

Anyone else out there proud of being average this week?! :)

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