Monday, January 19, 2015

beginnings and endings

I'm SO EXCITED to share this post with you all!

If you've read any of my previous posts, you are familiar with my journey.  If not, here's the brief recap: I never thought I would be doing THIS for a living! I officially started this bra/sewing/teaching business as a way to sell the second pattern I developed (I published the first while in high school).  This was my side job, as I had already been working for years as a credentialed teacher.  Just for fun, right?! I was already teaching sewing classes, but I started doing a few more, along with teaching at some conferences. I was certainly busy with both jobs, but loved them each so much that I couldn't decide between the science/math gig and this bra thing. Then I had my first child.  Job #3. Wow, this mommy thing is seriously full-time! And a decision had to be made.  When the second child arrived I shifted back to only two jobs: Mommy and Bra Engineer. And now for the exciting part...

No more teaching school (for now, at least)!
No more difficult to navigate website
No more hit and miss color availability

NEW website
LOTS OF NEW fabric choices... ALL bra kits will be hand dyed (except white/black).  That means
          - lots of color choices
          - all yardage goods will be available in any of the colors!
          - LACES!!!  in COLORS!!! YEAH!!!
          - "add-on" fabrics: enough to use in addition to a bra kit to make your bra a bit fancier, or use it to make a fun pair of panties!

Really, with all the new fabrics and colors, the possibilities are ENDLESS!

Ah, it feels so good to finally take time to put my heart and soul into my business and make it my own :)  Of course, I had lots of other projects that I ended up putting on the back burner for a bit to make these changes.  But never fear... that panty book/dvd, the swimsuit patterns, swimsuit instructional materials, new classes, revised and new bra patterns...they will still be coming.

Oh, and did I mention that I'm working on some tips and tricks videos for my new youtube channel?

So much going on!  Just wanted to give you all a heads up and thank you in advance as things are transitioning in the next month.  And now, I'm off to my other job...nursing that cute 7 month old!

Happy Sewing,

Sneak peak: bra made with one of our new fabric! So pretty!